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See What’s Happening this Week in Small Business

By Alexandra Moritz

May 5, 2017

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Economic Optimism Prompting Small and Medium Businesses to Invest

According to a recent survey commissioned by Citizens Bank, nearly 69% of the 1,200 surveyed small and medium-sized businesses expect to see financial improvement over the next 12 months. Optimism appears to average stronger across the board, though most significantly in the Industrial and Pharma/Biotech industries. 81% of all study participants said they plan to increase investments in technology within the next year.

The recent boost in confidence emerges from an apparent upward trend in growing economic optimism. The survey reveals that more than half (51%) of  business owners expect significant improvement in the national economy with regional improvement expected. Citizens Bank – Small Business Pulse Index

What really inspires owners to start their business? (Infographic)

In honor of National Small Business week, Constant Contact reached out to its small business customer base to learn why they started their businesses, and if, given the chance, they would do it all again. 


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