LQD CEO, George Souri, Featured on Bootstrapping in America

By LQD Admin

January 10, 2017

Chicago, January 10, 2017 Founder and CEO of LQD Business Finance, George Souri, was recently featured on Bootstrapping in America, a live segment presented by tastytrade. During the interview, Souri spoke with tastytrade CEO and host of the show, Kristi Ross, regarding best business practices and LQD’s transparency model. He went on to explain how this model drives the company to provide more than just capital to its business borrowers.


“A small or medium-sized business has access for very, very low cost to great technology that can help it run like a big business, they just lack the knowledge,” said Souri.” In addition to providing you with capital, we’re going to give you support and provide the necessary knowledge to make you a better business.”


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LQD is a national fintech startup and commercial lender that offers businesses greater options for their financing needs versus those offered by banks or existing online lenders. LQD provides structured, transparent, and affordable loans of up to $10MM in as little as 10 days to a range of businesses, and approves loans through its proprietary underwriting and risk management platform, LQD Matrix.


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