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LQD has already helped businesses like yours succeed, all over the country.

Norcal Fire Repair

Vacaville, California


Source Beauty

Chicago, Illinois


Norcal Fire Repair found that LQD could help bridge the gap between a slow cash flow cycle, moving the company's construction along quickly and more efficiently. Norcal President Zach Minor chose LQD over competitors in the market because LQD had the best terms and most flexibility available in a loan product. According to Minor, "Most lenders who want to fund a business like ourselves want to do shorter terms and higher rates. Our total interest expense will be about one-third of what most other companies would charge on the same amount."

Crider Electrical & Mechanical is a full service contractor that accommodates the residential, commercial and industrial needs of Central Indiana. With over 25 years of experience, they have mastered the ability to tackle all indoor and outdoor electrical repair needs. LQD stepped in to consolidate Crider’s three MCAs, and was able to reduce Crider’s debt service by over half. According to owner Deb Crider: “LQD has helped us continue on this path of success by making the lending process simple and quick. I would definitely recommend LQD for any small business.”

Source Beauty is a family owned company that distributes salon products and tools to the independent salon industry. They have created an exclusive enterprise that delivers educational resources and empowers those within their network. Through LQD’s financial services, Source Beauty was able to refinance existing loans at a lower rate and over a longer term, significantly reducing their monthly debt service and strengthening the company’s cash flow. LQD also provided Source Beauty with additional capital to sustain the company’s continued growth.


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