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Similar to a bank statement that shows historical debits and credits, a cash flow forecast is used to map cash inflows and outflows expected to occur in the future. Many accounting systems have a cash forecast function built-in, but if yours does not, feel free to use the LQD Business Finance EZ Cash Flow Tool.




Take a look at the big picture and determine how much revenue is coming in, what bills need to be paid and when. Take a deep dive into all the financial statements, how much products cost and complete a thorough analysis of the business.

Being aware of what invoices are outstanding with clients and vendors, when bills are due and other strategic factors will help determine your businesses cash flow cycle and utilized when planning the business’ future.

Once you have analyzed and become aware of all the data points it is time to build a plan and map out not only how to proceed short term but long term as well.  Forecasting and modeling your businesses financials will better prepare you for times of uncertainty and you will not have to face even more challenging decisions.

LQD Business Finance

LQD offers comprehensive amortizing term loans and revolving credit facilities to companies that require a broader borrowing base than has been available through traditional specialty finance companies and banks.

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Forecasting Cash Flows

Creating very detailed cash forecasts is one of the best investments your small business can make towards growing profitably.  Creating the forecast will require you to think about historical performance, and hopefully, give you an improved awareness of your forward-looking plans.





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