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Highlights of Being an LQD Channel Partner

Whether you are a small business owner, a skilled broker, or an alternative lender, the world of business lending is a complex landscape to navigate. Saturated with endless options and continuously unprecedented changes, it is increasingly difficult for businesses, especially small to mid-sized ones, to open new doors of opportunity.

This is why building relationships between brokers, lenders, and clients is crucial for financing. Like any other industry or market, relationships are at the core of business lending. Sharing resources and information allows companies and individuals to operate in a mutually beneficial manner, and in turn, businesses develop the credibility needed to fuel growth and increase profitability.

LQD Business Finance facilitates such value-driven relationships through the LQD Channel Partner Program. Brokers, lenders, and clients alike can become an LQD Channel Partner to pioneer a transformative approach to business financing.

What is the LQD Channel Partner Program?

The LQD Channel Partner Program is an affiliate program that allows you to earn commission on originated and supplemented loans through a simple referral. When you refer a client as a channel partner, LQD Business Finance works to provide them with a custom solution that breaks free from the restrictions of a typical credit box. Throughout the process, you have access to an online portal designed to track and monitor client activity in real time, and once the loan closes, you receive your commission at the time of funding.

With accelerated underwriting, personalized loan options, and a superior customer experience from start to finish, the LQD Channel Partner Program offers you benefits that exceed the standards of the lending industry.

Benefits of the LQD Channel Partner Program

    1. Efficiency – LQD Business Finance has the capacity to deliver up to $10M of financing in under 30 days.

      Other lenders still use outdated manual systems to underwrite loans and manage portfolios. This slows down the turnaround time for funding and leaves you vulnerable to human error, but LQD Business Finance developed proprietary technologies like LQD Matrix and LQD Synthesis that increase speed and reduce cost without sacrificing accuracy.

      Our automated approach enables a much broader analysis of a company’s financial composition with significantly less human error, so we can provide greater amounts of capital at three times the speed for a wider range of objectives. Channel partners can distinguish themselves with such efficient services at their clients’ disposal.

    2. Flexibility – LQD Business Finance offers customized financing options tailored to the distinct parameters of each client.

      Conventional lenders are known to operate on hard limits enforced by credit boxes. For smaller businesses, it can be tough to fit all of the exact criteria for industry, collateral, and cash flow that traditional financing requires, with banks continuing to tighten their terms. Even if businesses meet such requirements, the loan options available are fixed and slim. This narrow view fails to address the differing needs and demands of individual companies, creating a gap that cuts off access in the lower middle market. Instead, LQD Business Finance uses advanced automation technologies to evaluate businesses through a comprehensive wide-angle lens. No two businesses fit in the same box, so we think outside of the box to configure a solution that is unique to the client. By putting the interest of our customers first, we empower businesses with strategic and responsible financing that fosters long-lasting success. From growth capital to asset-based lending to refinancing and much more, our channel partners have a direct line to the funding that clients seek.

    3. Transparency – LQD Channel Partners gain access to a specialized online portal designed to make the referral process smooth and transparent.


      Through the Channel Partner Portal, you can monitor each stage of the deal process from submittal to approval and manage all pertaining documents in one place 24/7. With real-time updates and excellent customer service from our team, you can always know what is happening, when, and why.

      Clients can expect the same level of objectiveness on the borrower’s end of the lending process. With clear, competitive, and upfront terms, LQD Business Finance places emphasis on prompt and unreserved communication to cultivate valuable working relationships with borrowers and channel partners. Streamlining the experience to be transparent and user-friendly is an integral part of our dedication to providing dynamic finance solutions.

How to Join the LQD Channel Partner Program

The process to become an LQD Channel Partner is quick and hassle-free. Contact us today to fill out a simple 11-question application and complete an introductory call with a team member to get started.

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