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Small Business

Supporting Small Businesses During the Outbreak

In an age seemingly dominated by large chains and massive corporations, it is important to know that small businesses remain a critical backbone of America’s economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses are formally defined by the SBA as any firm employing fewer than 500. [1] Small businesses are generally locally owned and employ people within their local area. A lot of small businesses use their own local supply chain to buy raw materials and supplies from other local companies and provide unique goods and services that would otherwise be difficult to find locally. Many small businesses take pride in the neighborhoods they serve by taking an active role in community service by supporting and participating with local charities, civic groups, and other local organizations. Small businesses matter to small towns and big cities across America, and it’s more important than ever for local communities and the general public to support them during these unprecedented times. There are several ways you can help.

Local restaurants are one of the most prominent groups within the small business sector. While you may not be able to sit down inside your favorite restaurant for a meal, many local eateries are still open for carryout and/or delivery. Call or check the restaurant website for information including hours and menu options – one or both may be reduced or altered for the duration of your state’s or city’s stay-at-home order (and don’t forget to tip the delivery driver!).

If you have a favorite small business retailer, check to see if they offer their products online. Some small businesses operate their own e-commerce websites, while others may sell their products via an established online retailer like Amazon. In either case, you can check out their products online, purchase them, and have them shipped to you.

Remember, when you support small businesses, you are doing more than just buying a product or using a service – you are actively helping your community and supporting local entrepreneurs and their employees. Additionally, revenue from sales taxes help fund vital civic services like the police, fire department, schools, and parks. Your support is helping business owners give back to the communities they live, work, and serve in. Perhaps most importantly, small businesses actively make each and every community a better place to live and work by stimulating the local economy. We may not know when things will return to normal, but by supporting small businesses now, the chances your favorite businesses will continue to serve your community for years to come will increase.

[1] “Frequently Asked Questions.” U.S. Small Business Administration. Published September 2019.

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