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George Souri Featured in “15 Expert Financial Strategies For Seasonal Businesses”

“Some businesses are seasonal by nature. For instance, pool maintenance and landscaping businesses thrive in the summer, while snow removal companies and holiday gift shops see sales during the winter season.

When the majority of your sales occur in a small window of time, you need a strong budget and operational strategy to keep yourself afloat during the off-season. To help, we asked a panel of Forbes Finance Council members how they recommend managing seasonal sales cycles.

11. Know your base expense burn.

A long cash conversion cycle (the number of days between paying costs and receiving payment from sales) can cause major cash flow issues—even for profitable businesses. This dynamic is compounded in the case of seasonal businesses. Knowing your base expense burn and reserving adequate cash for inventory purchases or slower-than-expected sales is critical to long-term seasonal business stability. – George SouriLQD Business Finance…”

Read the full article via Forbes.