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Souri Comments in Forbes Article Regarding Online Lending

“The 21st century has made it much easier for small-business owners to access capital. Online lenders in particular can look like an attractive option to small-business owners looking for a quick cash influx, but it’s wise to be cautious.

While there are many reputable online lenders out there, there are also some unscrupulous actors as well as potentially costly “features.” It’s important to research carefully before making a commitment. Below, 11 members of Forbes Finance Council share critical details entrepreneurs should be aware of when considering taking a loan from an online provider…

5. You should focus on structure and lender reputation.

Online lending is a great option for finding capital but requires adequate diligence by the borrower. Focus on structure and lender reputation when seeking financing online. Online lenders include reputable lenders that offer reasonable capital but also include predatory high-interest loans. Make sure you understand the loan structure and do your diligence in researching the lender. – George Souri, LQD Business Finance

Read the full article via Forbes.