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Purchase Order Financing

Is a shortage in working capital tying up your ability to fulfill incoming orders? LQD Business Finance offers purchase order financing (PO Financing) to cover the upfront costs of a verified purchase for when your company lacks sufficient funding to fulfill the order. Purchase order financing provides your business with assistance in keeping up with demand and increasing its working load, which boosts your overall revenue.

Purchase Order Financing

Bridging the Gap With Purchase Order Financing

When your company faces seasonal fluctuations, brings on a new client, or experiences sudden growth, it is not uncommon to encounter a shortfall in working capital that prohibits you from completing a large order or multiple orders at once. Caused primarily by the gap in time between when a purchase order is submitted and when an invoice is fulfilled, your company is left with the inability to procure goods in a timely manner.

Without sufficient funding, you may have to cut other vital expenses to fulfill an order, which risks the security of your operations, or experience significant delays in delivery times, which results in dissatisfied customers that hurt your reputation. You may also have to turn down profitable opportunities that you cannot get back or potentially lose overall revenue. Instead, LQD Finance helps you bridge this gap in working capital to meet the urgent needs of your business with accelerated purchase order financing.

PO Financing is a useful resource for manufacturers, distributors, resellers, wholesalers, as well as other industries that move products sold without modifications (other than packaging or labeling). Instead of losing out on potential business, you can retain the trust and respect of your customers and avoid any damages to your reputability.

PO Financing: Beyond Typical Solutions

Unlike most traditional options, PO Financing is not a typical business loan. Rather than providing you with a lump sum or line of credit to use for funding the purchase order, we pay your supplier directly, and in turn, we collect the customer’s invoice directly and send the remaining balance after service fees back to you. This unique transaction method fuels a mutually beneficial relationship that satisfies your customers and secures revenue for your company that would otherwise not have been possible.

When your sales perform beyond what you anticipated, it should be a chance to grow your operational capacity, not hinder it. With purchase order financing, not only can you achieve your financial targets, but you can exceed them. Along with not being a traditional loan, our flexible and transparent solutions enable your operations to flourish and produce stronger long-term yield. Through our proprietary technology, we can deliver customized solutions in under 30 days enabling you to fill orders for your customers faster than other lenders, so contact us today to get the answers to your cash flow problems.