LQD CEO, George Souri, Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

By James Pietrarosso

March 3, 2016

Chicago, March 3, 2016 тАУ Founder and CEO of LQD Business Finance, George Souri, recently sat down with Fox Business NetworkтАЩs Kathy Ireland to conduct an exclusive interview, in which he addresses the business financing gap currently affecting small businesses nationwide.


тАЬFinancing that allows a business to grow but is also quick, convenient, and friendly in terms of the business is a gap that banks are unable to fill and businesses find hard to discover.тАЭ


Throughout the segment, Souri discusses the role LQD plays in addressing the diverse financing needs of these different businesses.┬атАЬLQD approached the business lending problem from a completely different angle. We took it from the business side. Different businesses have different financing requirements. They may need financing for inventory, working capital, or to expand and purchase additional space.


Souri goes on to explain how closing the financing gap requires a comprehensive solution that addresses these financing needsтАФLQD being the only lender of its kind to do so.


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About LQD Business Finance

LQD is a national fintech startup and commercial lender that offers businesses greater options for their financing needs versus those offered by banks or existing online lenders. LQD provides structured, transparent, and affordable loans of up to $5MM in as little as 10 days to a range of businesses, and approves loans through its proprietary underwriting and risk management platform, LQD Matrix.


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