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Financing Options


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LQD Business Finance is a national structured financing company that has been serving business owners since 2010.  We were founded on the notion that there was a need for lower middle market funds with an accelerated turnaround time than what conventional lenders can offer.  LQD Finance has the broadest range of financing solutions and is the only business finance company that can design a loan that is tailored specifically to your business needs.

LQD Difference

We Serve a Larger Market

Our ability to structure and facilitate debt capital that not only serves but satisfies the financing needs of an underserved lower-middle market is what differentiates us from our competitors.  In addition to traditional asset-based loans, we also offer contract lending, purchase order financing, acquisition financing, cash flow lending, and over-advance lending options.  All loan terms are custom-tailored to your specific financing needs and business goals. 

Working Capital

Finance your new location, hire additional employees, or get the capital you need to purchase new equipment or inventory. Whatever your business needs are, LQD gives you support and growth opportunity.

Expansion/Acquisition financing enables you to get the new equipment, inventory, and facilities you need, or even to acquire an additional location or business. Typically, expansion/acquisition capital is needed when a large upfront expense is required to generate increased future revenues that can be used to pay back a loan.  LQD Finance can help you with your goals of expansion and overall business growth-we can provide you with the capital to obtain your goals.

PO and A/R

Cover the costs of doing business while your receivables or orders are being collected or fulfilled.

Accounts receivable financing can help you cover your expenses until you receive payment from your customers for goods or services already delivered. Purchase order financing can help you pay for the material and labor needed to fulfill a large order that you otherwise would not have been able to take. In both cases, you are able to take on more business and increase profits.

Find business financing solutions and terms that work for you, and are specifically designed for your business.

Whether you have an expensive merchant cash advance loan or factoring product, or whether you are in a restrictive bank loan that doesn't get you the financing you deserve, LQD can deliver a solution that is custom tailored to your business, and that gives you the flexibility to grow. Through our unique loan product, we are generally able to significantly reduce debt payments and increase terms as compared to cash advance companies while also providing higher principal amounts and more options as compared to banks.


Maintaining your day-to-day business operations while growing your business can be difficult, having a steady cash flow to reach your goals is an integral part of business growth. LQD can provide you with the support and capital to accelerate your business while maintaining your daily operations. 

Use working capital financing to support operational expenses, new business opportunities, pay for one-time expenses, or flatten the peaks and valleys of your cash flow cycle. Working capital can also be used to support businesses that experience seasonal revenue fluctuations.

A Better Lending Affiliate

LQD Business Finance is what you get when you combine a direct lender and a financial technology company. We're focused on process optimization, building systems, and developing a real relationship. We tell it like it is. We call you with ideas. We're invested in your success.

Meet the Team

Traditional banks accept 15% of loan applicants, take 2-3 months to be considered, and can charge over 80% APR. LQD Business Finance’s comprehensive underwriting enables us to look outside the box and close a variety of loans in under 30 days.  

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What We Offer:

Principal Amounts from $500M - $10.0MM

Loan Terms of 1 - 3 Years

Rates of 15% - 19% APR with Traditional Monthly Payment Structures

Cash Flow or Collateral Rationales

ABL Structures

Bridge Loans

Contract Financing

Dividend Recap Financing

Growth Capital Solutions

Healthcare Lending

Leveraged Financing

M&A Financing

Management Buyouts

Purchase Order Financing

Revolving Lines of Credit and Term Loans

Unitranche Financing 

Capital for Acquisitions

Customized or Flexible Loans